Is Raf's love life about to improve?

Raf's stunned when, during Morven's charity auction, Serena's man-eating friend Sian bids £500 to go on a date with the dashing doc. Raf doesn't think Sian's serious about the date… until she turns up on the ward with two tickets to the opera! Unlucky-in-love Raf has been harbouring feelings for his colleague, nurse Cara, since she split from her husband and, secretly, she's the one he’d rather take to the opera! Cara, however, swiftly urges Raf to go on the date with Sian, desperate to hide the fact she has feelings for him!

Raf later tells Cara he’s not going to the opera with Sian, saying she noticed there was ‘someone else’ he’d rather take. But when Cara makes out she doesn’t know who the ‘lucky lady’ is and rejects him, it looks like she may have missed her chance with Raf…

Arthur is in limbo, waiting for his test results, but he refuses to burden girlfriend Morven with his problems. Unfortunately, when Morven realises Arthur has a secret, she's convinced he's having an affair! When Arthur and the team struggle to save the life of a teenager, who’s been hit by a train, Arthur's forced to take a reality check and finally reaches out to Morven. They agree to face the future together – whatever it may bring…

A hungover Adele is hoping for nice quiet duties but it seems Guy Self has got other ideas when he asks her to become his Neuro nurse for the day. After a shaky start, Adele eventually manages to impress Guy – so much so that he offers her a permanent position within his Neuro department. Adele accepts the challenge - but will she live to regret it?

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