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Is Sid moving too fast for Ayesha?

(Image credit: BBC)

Ayesha wakes up with Sid but, as he tries to find out more about her, she is reluctant to talk. Sid, however, gives her a complete run down of his family. He is over the moon about their relationship and is continually finding reasons during the day to see Ayesha, but at the end of the day she gives him the brush off.

Heston arrives at the crematorium and closes his eyes and he is transported into a curious dream, which involves the brothers Morris, the family of the dead person. He wakes up and joins the sole remaining brother at the funeral.

Howard meets up with an old colleague, who has relocated to LA. He tells Howard there is a position free in his organisation, but Howard isn’t keen. Mark then tells him that he is now married and did the 40 Days Dating. Later, when talking with Emma, Howard starts to wonder if the dating thing could be something that they could do.

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