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Jac gives birth!

(Image credit: BBC)

With a week to go before she's due to be induced, Jac's thinking about how she can maximise the chances of her unborn daughter - who has a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) - surviving birth. On the ward, it's business as usual for Jac, who performs an invasive procedure in a hospital corridor to save a man's life. When Jac starts experiencing contractions, she tries to postpone going into labour by self-prescribing medication.

In the maternity unit, Jac is greeted by Jean (Annabelle Apsion), the midwife who delivered Mo's baby last year, and Jac tells her exactly how her birth is going to go. But Jac soon realises this birth isn't going to go according to plan and, when the baby develops complications, she has to face facts that she needs an urgent Caesarean or risks losing the baby.

As Jac's baby is born, the new mum can only look on helpless as the tot is rushed off to intensive care - will she survive?

Meanwhile, Serena's angered when Edward surprises her with flowers in an attempt to win her back. But she's determined not to let him make a fool of her again.

And Ric attends an alumni dinner at his old university where he bumps into old flame Kathy (Cherie Lunghi). Will it be a happy reunion?