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Jac is pregnant!

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Since learning she had endometriosis, Jac Naylor has wanted to keep her condition a secret, especially from on-off lover Jonny Maconie. But, this week, Jac discovers something else has been causing her pain. As they arrive at work, Mo picks up on the tension between Jac and Jonny and discovers they slept together after Tara's funeral. Jac avoids Jonny by treating Collette, a hypochondriac demanding tests when there's nothing wrong with her.

Jac doesn't appreciate timewasters and wants Collette out of Holby, but Collette's intrigued when gynaecologist Mr Thomson arrives to give Jac a letter, rescheduling an appointment she missed. As Collette reads Jac's letter and quizzes her about her endometriosis, Jac loses her patience and discharges her, but not before Collette lets slip to Mo about Jac's condition, which could mean she's infertile.

Mo asks Jac if she's hiding her condition from Jonny, fearing he'll reject her if he knows she has fertility problems. Jac assures Mo she doesn't want kids, especially with Jonny! Later, Jonny tells Mo he doesn't want to get back with Jac either. But it looks like they might be forced to reunite when Mr Thomson calls Jac with the result of a urine sample.... she's pregnant! How will Jac cope with the news she's going to be a mum? And will she tell Jonny?

Meanwhile, Malick's job is to provide his prisoner patient Amanda with first rate healthcare - but when he learns the patient is a serial killer's accomplice will he cope with the pressure?

Also, Sacha cuts the family holiday short due to Rachael being ill.  As more benign conditions are ruled out, the anxiety builds.

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