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Jack Branning comforts his distraught brother Max!

EastEnders Jack Branning Max Branning
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Jack Branning and Dot visit Max, who finally breaks down on his brother when he realises that he has to face facts about Abi and her chances. Jack and Dot visit Max, who finally breaks down on Jack as he realises the truth about Abi

Max’s world is crumbling around him and he struggles to keep it together. But when Jay brings round a package addressed to Abi, Max is stunned to discover that it’s a flatpack cot for the baby. Throwing himself into building the cot, Lauren is worried about his manic attitude. When she tells Max they need to go to the hospital, he furiously insists he needs to stay and finish the cot. Sonia realises that Max is in a very bad way and she turns to Dot for help. Meanwhile, Max finishes the cot, but so overcome by grief and anger he smashes it to pieces. Jack brings Dot to the house. Can they get through to Max?

Masood is not having the best of days at the Vic as things go from bad to worse. A frustrated Linda tells Max in no uncertain terms that his trial is over and he needs to get out! Linda gives Masood one last job before he goes – unblocking the toilets. While he’s in there, he finds some suspicious activity…

Whitney is still trying to work out what is going on with Tiffany. But when she tries to get to the bottom of things a panicked Tiff goes missing. Will Whitney have to put off going to Wakefield?

Also, Karen comes up with a new money-making scheme.