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Jade has a disastrous makeover!

Kassius Nelson plays Jade Albright in Hollyoaks

Jade has a makeover... and doesn't get the reaction she was hoping for in Hollyoaks

Nico and Peri give Jade a horrendous make over and Jade’s embarrassed by Alfie’s reaction when she turns up at The Dog. Meanwhile, Peri 'accidentally' spills a drink on herself and, as she’s getting changed in The Dog flat, Jade arrives and Peri lies that her and Alfie have slept together.

Meanwhile, as Cleo gets closer to Nathan, Holly’s annoyed about being left out, so she gets drunk at The Dog with Lisa but they get chucked out. Cleo tells Nathan he has to either forget her or forgive Holly. As they go to find Holly, they get a shock when Cindy reveals she’s left for Spain.

When Cindy hears that Lisa and Jesse have been parading around The Loveday’s flat half-naked in front of Simone, she advises Simone to be the bigger woman and play it cool. But it seems that’s easier said than done…

Also, Esther has a change of heart when she hears Grace and Frankie bad-mouthing Kim. Later, Esther finds Kim at the garage and proposes!