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A Passage to Britain - BBC2

A Passage to Britain - show Raja Stokes
(Image credit: BBC/Wall to Wall/Rory Mills)

Dr Yasmin Khan presents a fascinating look at migration to and from the Indian sub-continent in a new three-part documentary

Historian Dr Yasmin Khan begins this absorbing three-part series with a look at the Viceroy of India – a grand passenger ship that sailed between Mumbai and Tilbury docks in London in the 1930s.

A Passage to Britain - shows presenter Dr Yasmin Khan

Yasmin (above) focuses on a few of its passengers, learning more about them and why they made the trip.

She also tracks down relatives to find out what the travellers were like and how their lives turned out.

Among the people Yasmin meets is Raja Stokes, 86, (pictured holding a photograph of his parents' wedding in India) who was a one-year-old baby when his  father was working as a jockey for a maharajah’s race horses. Raja was given an Indian name by the maharajah who was close to the family.

A Passage to Britain - BBC2 - Shows the Viceroy of India ship

The Viceroy of India

A wonderful combination of intriguing individual stories and the larger tale of two countries on the verge of change.

TV Times rating: *****