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How far will Jay go to pay his debts in EastEnders?

EastEnders Jay Mitchell
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Jay Brown is pushed into a desperate situation when the drug dealer wants his money in EastEnders

Jay Brown is pressured by his drug dealer to get the money he owes and he asks Billy for an advance on his wages. When Billy refuses, Jay is frustrated. Helping Will impress Billy makes no difference as Billy won’t budge on the advance. Stressed, Jay goes to desperate lengths to get the money...

Denise and Libby may have made their peace, but Denise is fed up when Libby interferes and picks her up on her unhealthy habits! After sharing her concerns with Kathy, Libby feels better when Kathy reminds her that she had Ben at a late age and Denise is doing her best. When Libby prepares the family a healthy meal, Denise and Patrick pretend to enjoy it. Libby reveals she’s going to stay in Walford to help with the baby.

Abi and Kathy head to the audition for the Walford Players' Christmas Show, but Kathy clashes with Geraldine, who is running things. Not happy that it’s going to be a talent show, Kathy speaks up, but Geraldine kicks her out!