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Kyle has news for Charlotte

Kyle bumps into Charlotte and tells her about Josh's fate. Sadden by the news, Charlotte finally speaks to Hunter, but things end badly when she makes a hurtful comment.

Andy and Evelyn say emotional goodbyes to Josh, but things take a dramatic turn as Andy sees Josh move his finger. When Hannah comes back with the results, she says nothing has changed but Andy refuses to switch off his brother's life support machine.

VJ sees a mystery girl lying on his beach towel. The pair end up flirting and spend the day together. When VJ arrives home, he tells Hunter about her and the pair seem to be getting along. Later, VJ's mystery girl turns up on Irene's doorstep; it's Olivia, Chloe's daughter, who has run away from home.

Charlotte has a drink at Angelo's and continues to flirt with Kyle. The pair talk and, when Kyle asks her to have dinner, she makes a phone call and says: "Everything is going to plan."