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Kyle rushes Kat to hospital

Kat stumbles out of her car and collapses, but luckily Kyle sees her and rushes her to the hospital. While Nate examines her, Charlotte wraps up Kat's gun and handcuffs and hides them in a freezer. As Kat is released from hospital, she tells Superintendent Joyce that she never touched alcohol and when Kyle hears the conversation he confronts Charlotte. Charlotte plays things cool, while Kat is suspended from work.

Andy agrees to give Josh an Ipod from Evelyn, but doesn't say it's from her as it can hinder Josh's recovery. Yet when Josh is given the iPod he isn't fooled and chucks it straight back at Andy.

Oscar, Maddy, Matt and Asia attend the school party at the Surf Club. Asia is convinced Matt likes her and leans in for a kiss, but Matt runs off making her a laughing stock. Oscar comforts her by telling her that Matt likes Maddy. When Maddy and Matt's flirtatious behaviour gets out of hand, Oscar leaves and ends up kissing Asia.