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Last Laugh in Vegas

What’s on telly tonight? Our pick of the best shows on Tuesday 3rd April
(Image credit: ITV)

Nine heavy-duty celebrities go for broke in Sin City

Nine heavy-duty celebrities go for broke in Sin City.

Nine of the UK’s best-loved, battle-hardened performers get to fulfil a lifelong dream as they’re given one last shot at putting on a spectacular show in the variety capital of the world: Las Vegas!

Comedy duo Cannon & Ball, entertainer Bernie Clifton, comedian Mick Miller, pianist Bobby Crush, all-rounder Kenny Lynch, Sixties idol Jess Conrad, singer Anita Harris, and actor and comedian Su Pollard will be filmed 24/7 as they live together, explore Vegas and rehearse for their one-night-only show (which will air on ITV3 at the end of the four-part series) at The Orleans Hotel & Casino.

Will any of our showbiz legends get stage fright?