Leah's flatlines after surgery!

It’s the morning of Leah’s surgery and she reminds Zac of his promise. Following her surgery, both Nate and Sean agree that Hannah is a fantastic theatre nurse. But when Hannah visits Leah, she is unresponsive and as doctors run into Leah’s room, Zac, VJ, Irene and Alf arrive. Hannah tries to reassure them, but things look bleak for Leah. Afterwards, Sean explains that Leah’s blood thinning medication has caused complications, but they are keeping a close eye on her. Later, Nate goes to visit Leah, when she suddenly flatlines…

Phoebe tells Andy that Brax is presumed dead and Andy’s sadness turns to anger as he punches a wall and storms out. Meanwhile, Josh makes it clear he doesn’t want Evelyn’s support over Brax’s death.

Phoebe decides tells some residents at the surf club about Brax’s death. Meanwhile Andy makes his way to the gym and Evelyn follows him and tells him to put Josh first. Andy tracks Josh down at the beach and comforts him.

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