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Linda Carter is back in Albert Square!

EastEnders - Robbie Linda
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Linda Carter finally returns to The Vic and Albert Square.

Linda Carter is back in Albert Square with Ollie. As she tries to get things running smoothly again, a nervous Mick wonders whether to tell her about his kiss with Whitney. When Linda insists that Mick is supportive of Whitney over her engagement, she’s surprised by his evasive response. Sensing something is going on with Mick, Linda asks Johnny if he knows what’s up.

After clashing with Shirley, Linda realises how much Mick has struggled without having her around. When she gets Mick on his own, Linda tells her husband that they can’t have any more secrets between them. But Linda is left stunned when Mick makes a confession...

Abi takes Steven aside and has a go at him for ignoring her. Insisting that it’s all part of the plan for them to be together, Steven manages to fob off Abi. When Lauren talks to Steven about the wedding, Abi and Max enjoy making Steven feel on edge. Abi calls Cora and tells her that Lauren is getting married. Meanwhile, Lauren deletes Josh’s number when he tries to contact her.

Also, Keanu goes on a job hunt but has no luck. Mr Pryce starts looking at flats in the area.