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Line of Duty – BBC1

Line of Duty series 5, Steve, Ted and Kate
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The AC-12 police anti-corruption team return with their toughest case yet, as hit BBC1 drama Line of Duty is back for a fifth series

The AC-12 police anti-corruption team return with their toughest case yet, as hit BBC1 drama Line of Duty is back for a fifth series

Cancel your Sunday night plans for the next six weeks – dogged anti-corruption cops Steve Arnott (Martin Compston), Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) and Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) are back with a bang to tackle another murky case.

Line of Duty - Series 5

Gang leaders: Lisa McQueen (Rochenda Sandall) and John Corbett (Stephen Graham)

After the now infamous balaclava gang carry out a raid on a police transport unit, AC-12 suspect an insider is involved. But, as they try to hunt down the gang’s leaders (sinister Stephen Graham and enigmatic Rochenda Sandall), it becomes clear there are secrets waiting to be uncovered as obstacles to their investigation are thrown into their path…

A stunning opener to another must-see series.

TV Times rating: *****

TV Times caught up with, Adrian, 60, Martin, 34, and Vicky, 35, to tease out of them what lies ahead this series…

Are there lots of surprises in this run of Line of Duty?

Vicky: Plenty! It’s jam-packed.

Martin: Jed would never write a twist for twist’s sake – it’s not about throwing in a bomb to shock everybody, but when you read the script, you think, ‘He’s done it again!’ We are on to a winner. This could be our strongest year. It’s a culmination of events from series one. It’s exciting.

Where do we find AC-12?

Vicky: We see a bit of Kate’s family life with her son, and she and Steve were both after promotion last series so things might change...

Martin: Steve’s back on his feet but with Jed’s writing, nothing’s ever as it seems. AC-12 has been on to this ‘H’ thing for so long, we’re determined to see it through.

Usually their job description is going after bent coppers but in the quest to get ‘H’, we hit a brick wall, so we’re changing tack and going at the criminal gang the cops are in league with.

We’re seeing behind the balaclava and Lisa McQueen and John Corbett are by far our most dangerous adversaries yet.

Hastings has been suspected of being ‘H’, will that be examined?

Adrian: He’ll be under suspicion and his background’s explored. But it’d be strange for Ted to turn out to be a baddie, don’t you think?!

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