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Davina McCall, Nicky Campbell

Tissues at the ready for more emotional family reunions as Long Lost Family Returns

Tissues at the ready for more emotional family reunions as Long Lost Family Returns

There’s a reason Long Lost Family was contacted by over 4000 people in the past year.

The series is skilled at helping people who’ve tried everything to locate loved ones.

Tonight’s episode is dedicated entirely to the extraordinary story of one Yorkshire family.

Christine Rose, 67, last saw her two younger siblings at four years old when they were taken into care and separated.

Presenter Davina McCall picks up the story: "Yes, in episode one, Christine Rose, who’s 67, is looking for her younger sisters, Catherine and Carol.

"She has a memory of them being separated from their mum, who was screaming with sadness, when she was four years old.

"The newspapers had reported that the children were found trying to eat raw potatoes. It’s very moving.

"We’ve never had a story before where the mother couldn’t cope and the children were taken away due to neglect.

"Christine needs answers. She gets a lot more than that!"

Davina and co-presenter Nicky Campbell go on to emotionally reunite Christine with sisters Carol and Catherine, but there’s more to come.

Catherine, Christine, Carol

Christine (centre) with Catherine and Carol

"The emotional power of their meeting!" says Nicky, responding visibly.

Mum Doreen went on to have six more children. "Christine, Carol and Catherine find out they have more siblings and their mother spoke about them all the time," Nicky continues.

What follows is a remarkable, emotional odyssey…

TV Times rating: ****


Viewers in the UTV region can see Long Lost Family at 11.15pm