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Love Your Home and Garden - ITV

Love Your Home and Garden - shows Alan with Benita ep1

Alan Titchmarsh and a team of architects, builders and gardeners transform the kitchen and garden of a wheelchair-bound 15-year-old with multiple disabilities

Gardener extraordinaire Alan Titchmarsh and his team kick off a new series with a hugely ambitious and heart-warming project.

Benita lives in Mansfield with her 15-year-old son Josh, who is severely disabled with limited vision, epilepsy and no speech.

Benita and Josh have a very special and close relationship, but Josh and his wheelchair can no longer access parts of the house and he hasn’t been able to get out into the garden for over three years.

Love Your Home and Garden

Alan Titchmarsh and Katie Rushworth get to work on Benita's garden...

With sledgehammers at the ready, Team Titchmarsh completely transform the house and create a stunning sensory garden for mum and son to enjoy.

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TV Times rating: ****