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Is Michelle Fowler about to be attacked by stalker Tom?

EastEnders - Michelle Fowler Tom
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Michelle Fowler plays a dangerous game when she invites her stalker Tom round to the house to confront him about his behaviour.

Sharon is worried after finding out that Michelle has decided to have Tom round for dinner in a bid to get him to back off. When Tom turns up, he’s like the cat that’s got the cream to be spending time with Michelle. Tom confesses that he was a bit full on when she questions him about his behaviour. As the situation escalates, Tom tries to kiss Michelle. Is she in danger or will he finally get the message?

Ian realises that there’s something up with a troubled Kathy and asks her if she’s okay. Kathy finally admits that Willmott Brown came to see her. Horrified, Ian decides to turn to Phil for help in a bid to keep Kathy safe.

Max finds out that Carmel was suspended from her council job after the sealed bids were leaked. Knowing that Fi was responsible for the leak, he is furious and continues to ignore her.