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Mick Carter learns the truth about Linda's big cancer secret!

EastEnders - Mick Carter Linda Carter
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Linda Carter’s symptoms seem to have returned and she finally tells Mick that she’s had cancer. Meanwhile, Stacey finds out if she’ll get her kids back.

Linda tells Woody that she’ll have to wait five weeks to see someone at the hospital. He’s alarmed that it’s such a long wait, which rattles Linda even more. Mick soon realises that all is not well with Linda and he encourages her to open up to him. When she admits the truth, how will he react?

Stacey, Kush and the families go to the hospital to have Arthur checked out by the doctor and the social worker. When the doctor reveals that they aren’t concerned about the bruising, Arthur is given the all clear. A relieved Stacey is happy to be reunited with her children. An unhappy Kush confronts Carmel again, wanting to know why she did what she did.

Patrick and Ted have a bit of a bonding session in the allotments. After a heart-to-heart as Ted helps Patrick, Ted reveals a painful memory from the past. Worried about the trouble he’s in with the police, Ted later suggests to Joyce that they go to Australia to see their son – and not come back...

Also, Jane’s breathing tube is removed... And a vengeful Max lurks outside!