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Mo gives birth at Mr T's wedding!

Mo gives birth

There are shocks on Mr T's wedding day, as Mo goes into labour…

Mo's putting on a brave face this week as she attends the wedding of her best friend, Mr T, whose baby she's secretly carrying. Mr T and fiancee Inga tie the knot in a Swedish-themed ceremony in front of family and friends and, at the reception, Mr T delights in telling everyone that he and Inga are expecting a baby!

When Mo quizzes Inga, however, she admits she's not pregnant – she lied. Mo lets the news slip to Mr T’s mum, Birdie, who then tells the entire wedding party, leaving Mr T devastated.

Events then take a dramatic turn, when Mo goes into labour – and obstetrician Mr T returns just in time to help deliver the baby boy. Will Mo tell him the baby is his? And will they get back together?

Meanwhile, Eleanor's furious when she realises she's been misled by mum Serena. But as Eleanor drives away from the hospital in a huff, Jason runs into the path of the car to save his aunt Serena and is accidentally hit by Eleanor! With Jason’s injuries life-threatening, can Bernie's surgical skill avert a tragedy?

Meanwhile, back on the ward, Eleanor insists she’s fine following the collision – but is everything as it seems?