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Moira confesses to Ross that she murdered his mum!

Moira Dingle

Ross is reeling when Moira reveals she was responsible for his mum's death

A shaken Moira confides in Ross that the police have found a body which they think could be Adam’s but which she's been too terrified to identify.

Ross tries to bolster her and insists she should find out the truth one way or another.

Mum Moira braces herself for the worst possible outcome but when she has further talks with the police and discovers it’s NOT Adam’s body, she breaks down in tears of relief.

Ross is on hand to support his Aunty but Moira is overwhelmed with guilt and when Emma’s son tries to comfort her, she suddenly cracks and confesses it was her who killed his mum Emma!

How will an utterly shell-shocked Ross react to the bombshell revelation?