The Morgans forget Raffy's birthday

Can Tori, Justin and Mason put a smile on Raffy's face?

Tori arrives home to an upset Raffy. To make matters worse, Mason's looking to move out and Raffy feels that Justin is the root of all the family's problems - a statement Mason seems to agree with. Tori begs Mason not to move out, but he refuses to listen. Later, Tori finds a birthday card to Raffy. She's 14 today! Can the Morgans put things right with their little sister?

Meanwhile, Marilyn arrives at the Surf Club and John continues to deny he has any part in the family fun day; even though he is organising it all behind her back. Will Marilyn find out the truth? Also, will there be backlash if the other Summer Bay residents find out that John is organising the big day?

Also, Zac collects his mail from Leah and receives a letter from Evelyn, who's in Vietnam. Inspired by Evelyn’s words, Zac decides to get his divorce with Leah rolling and then makes Hunter and Olivia a life-changing offer. Will Zac's big news force Hunter to come clean about the paternity test?

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