Morven's got a question for Arthur...

It's Holby medic Morven Shreve's 25th birthday this week. First, she thinks boyfriend, Dr Arthur Digby, has forgotten, then she's disappointed with her father Austin's gift – contact details for her mother, who walked out when Morven was just eight years old. Arthur then brings a breathless Austin onto AAU. Although Arthur takes charge of treating Austin – who's awaiting a life-saving liver transplant – Morven wants to keep working, but colleague Raf fears she’ll lose focus. And he’s proved right when Morven fails to spot a potentially fatal aneurysm in patient Belinda.

Morven suffers an even bigger blow when Austin fears he might not be around for Morven’s next birthday, and warns her to ‘prepare for the worst’. Having decided she needs to focus on her dad, Morven dumps Arthur! Arthur’s not one to give up without a fight, though, and when he finds Morven in the hospital toilets, sobbing uncontrollably, he demands to know why she’s shutting him out! Later, when Arthur proves he hasn't forgotten her birthday and arranges a surprise, it’s Morven who has an even bigger surprise for Arthur when she asks him to marry her. Will he say yes?

Meanwhile, Ric's unenthusiastic about helping Jesse treat patient Katherine, who has a gastric band and is 27 weeks pregnant. Katherine's gastric band needs removing due to infection – but when she suggests they abort her baby, so she can keep the band, Ric loses his temper with her! As Ric confides in Jesse about his strained relationship with his daughter, Jesse promises to keep quiet but it’s clear Ric regrets opening up to him. Later, Jesse's surprised to learn he’s being transferred to AAU, upon Ric’s ‘recommendation’. Jesse thanks Ric - but It's obvious Ric just wants him off Keller…

Also, when Mo grows suspicious of new Darwin consultant, Sir Dennis, she decides to confront him. But has she got the wrong end of the stick?

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