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Mrs Tembe has some bad news

(Image credit: BBC)

Will Mrs Tembe become public enemy number one?

It's the day of the meeting at The Mill and Mrs Tembe tells staff that everyone will be working longer hours as The Mill will be staying open till later. Staff members including Emma and Ayesha are furious but Al doesn't seem that bothered - he's more concerned about eating the sandwiches.

As things get heated, however, Al pulls up his contract and accuses Mrs Tembe of taking him Christmas shopping to get in his good books before dropping this bombshell! It's an accusation she strongly denies. Will the announcement cause a divide in the office?

Also, Lily arrives at the Hollins' house and Karen is excited to see her, but it's clear the feeling isn't mutual. Lily isn't sure she wants to stay with Karen and Rob any more and Karen has to practically beg her to come in! Will Lily reveal why she's having second thoughts? And can Karen convince the teenager to stay?