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Mrs Tembe has a serious health scare

(Image credit: BBC)

Will doctors at The Mill be able to save Mrs Tembe's life?

 While moving a box of books for her library initiative, Mrs Tembe appears to do herself a minor injury. Meanwhile, Karen tells Mrs Tembe she's sick of the library getting in the way of her surgery duties. Later, Mrs Tembe starts throwing up but refuses to tell anyone. However, things take a dramatic turn when she collapses! Zara finds her on the floor - but is she too late to help?

Emma tries to comfort Lena, who’s still worrying about Amy’s reaction to her leaving. Meanwhile, Valerie continues to dig for information about Lena, giving Emma doubts about their relationship. Finally, Amy shows up at the Campus and lays into Emma for breaking up her family, but Emma is left shocked by Amy's announcement…