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Mrs Tembe refuses to rest after her op!

Mrs Tembe Doctors
(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

Can Ruhma come up with a plan to help Mrs Tembe relax?

Mrs Tembe is sent in to a state of panic when Ruhma visits her and explains that Daniel may be to blame for the death of a local shopper. Mrs Tembe's ready to come back to work, but Ruhma stops her and says she needs a social life. Can Ruhma convince Mrs Tembe to be set up on a blind date?

Meanwhile, Daniel's struggling to sleep in the wake of the death in the camping shop. Zara tries to get him to open up and he finally reveals that he's worried he could be struck off. Zara tries her best to reassure him, but refuses to let him work.

At the surgery, Sid steps up to the plate and covers Daniel's appointments. Later, Sid visits Daniel, who finally opens up about why he's really struggling to come to terms with the shopper's death…