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Mum's the word...

Holby Serena Evie

Serena finds a kindred spirit in Fletch's daughter…

As Serena continues to mourn the loss of her late daughter Elinor, support comes from an unlikely source this week. Fletch is surprised when his eldest daughter, Evie, turns up on AAU claiming she's hurt her wrist.

Fletch thinks she's faking her injuries and demands to know why. That's when Serena's motherly instinct kicks in and she soon discovers Evie's being picked on at school.

Alone with 'Aunty Serena', Evie confesses that, since her mum died, it's difficult to have certain chats with her dad. As Serena admits she misses Elinor, Evie reveals she sometimes texts her mum when she's missing her. Can Evie help Serena deal with her own grief?

Meanwhile, Zosia's pregnant but has chosen not to tell boyfriend Ollie. So she's horrified when she realises Isaac knows about her 'secret' and decides to stir the pot, using it as ammunition against her. Feeling under pressure, Zosia later fesses up to Ollie. But how will he take the news?

Also, Essie's stunned when Parker turns up at the hospital; he's been on the run but now he needs her to help his friend, who's injured. Essie agrees to help - but can she urge Parker to stop running away?