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Neighbours spoilers: David and Paul clash over Aaron and the wedding

Neighbours, Paul Robinson

Paul is shocked when David announces he no longer wants his dad to walk him down the aisle on his and Aaron's wedding day...

David is still reeling from the revelations at the pre-wedding party, and is bitterly disappointed his fiancee Aaron has been hiding secrets from him. Could the wedding now be in jeopardy?

Paul swears to David he had no idea Aaron had injured his back at the gym. But after a talk with Aaron's brother Mark, David begins to realise Aaron did only have good intentions in keeping the truth about his back injury from his husband-to-be. And when Mark reminds David how Paul has a reputation for pushing people to breaking point, David makes a shock decision to no longer allow Paul to walk him down the aisle on his Big Day...

Elsewhere, Mishti is still on a mission to find an arranged marriage and gets ready for a blind date with Pavan, a man she has been messaging on the arranged marriage website. Will Mishti and Pavan hit it off? Or will Mishti begin to see why her family have their reservations about the tradition of arranged marriages?

And Toadie and Sonya's happy family is complete when Toadie's brother Shane presents the couple with a framed snapshot he has taken of the unconventional Rebecchi bunch.

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5