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Neighbours spoilers: There's hit and run horror at the scavenger hunt


Xanthe and Chloe find themselves in the path of deadly danger when twisted teacher Finn crashes the Erinsborough scavenger hunt...

As the Erinsborough scavenger hunt gets underway, nobody knows disgraced former teacher Finn has stolen the clues and is inviting himself to the event to cause some chaos!

And that's not the only mischief he's planning. First he steals his ex, Elly's, car. Then he dresses his fiancee, and Elly's unsuspecting sister Bea, in exactly the same outfit as Elly. Finn is out to make sure Bea is caught on CCTV and security cameras looking like Elly. What ever he is up to, this can't be good news for Elly.

Meanwhile, Xanthe and Chloe team up to solve the clues on the scavenger hunt. But the gal pals find themselves in deadly danger when Finn, behind the wheel of Elly's stolen car, drives straight at them! Quick-thinking Xanthe pushes Chloe out of the way. But will it be too late for Xanthe to save herself?

Elsewhere, could it be a perfect match at last, when Piper confronts new boyfriend Cassius about being the mystery book underliner. Realising their love of classic literature, will the pair's romance begin to blossom?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5