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Neighbours spoilers: Lauren Willis returns to Ramsay Street!

Neighbours Week26 Lauren and Ned

There's a blast from the past when Lauren comes back to the neighbourhood to try and work out her feelings towards stepson Ned

Remember when naughty Ned Willis tried to kiss his stepmum, Lauren? It made things totally awkward in the Willis household for a while. But the pair eventually put the embarrassment behind them and were until recently happily settled with Lauren's hubby and Ned's dad Brad on the Gold Coast.

However, Terese is still reeling from the revelation Ned is still in love with Lauren and she's the reason he has fled back to Erinsborough. Realising the family drama could jeopardise Brad and Lauren's marriage, Terese urges Lauren to set things straight. But when Lauren returns to Ramsay Street, the question is can she resist the charms of Ned? Or will she decide to return home and save her marriage to Brad?

Meanwhile, Terese's daughter Piper has love troubles of her own when she is paired with Cassius for the dance marathon at The Waterhole. But things are looking up when Cassius admits he could have feelings for Piper. But it all depends on whether her heart still belongs to boyfriend Tyler who is currently in prison. Trying to sort her head out, Piper is in for a shock when she discovers Terese has hidden a letter Tyler wrote to her...

And Toadie is certain he is not the father of Andrea's mystery baby. The more time he spends with the child, however, the more Toadie likes the idea of having his own son. But what will the DNA test results say?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5