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Neighbours spoilers: Mishti clashes with sister Dipi over arranged marriage

Neighbours, Mishti Sharma, Dipi Rebecchi

Yashvi's discovery causes tension in the Sharma-Rebecchi family when sisters Dipi and Mishti disagree over the issue of arranged marriages

The Sharma-Rebecchi family are in for a surprise when Mishti confirms her profile on an arranged marriage website is genuine and she is actively looking for a man to marry.

Mishti's sister Dipi thinks the idea of arranged marriages is outdated and can't understand why Mishti would agree to marry a man she has never met. But when unlucky-in-love Mishti explains the reasons why this method of marriage would suit her, will Dipi come around to her way of thinking and support her sibling's search?

Things are still awkward between Terese and Leo, now she knows the son of her ex, Paul, has romantic feelings for her. But when they both accidentally end up at the Lassiter's sauna together and Leo reveals the best man speech he has written for his brother David's forthcoming wedding, Terese is genuinely touched. Could she be developing feelings of her own for Leo?

Also, Sonya gets a rude awakening when she goes to collect baby Hugo from daycare, only to discover her hubby Toadie has forgotten to add her name to an approved pick-up list. Already feeling on edge over Toadie's relationship with Hugo, the child he had with con-woman Andrea, could this latest set-back cause another rift in the Rebecchi's marriage?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5