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Neighbours spoilers: Ramsay Street showdown for Leo Tanaka and Terese Willis!

Neighbours, Terese Willis, Leo Tanaka

What will the neighbours say when recently dumped Leo gets drunk and storms over to Ramsay Street to angrily confront his ex, Terese?

Leo Tanaka has been drowning his sorrows with a mix of booze and partying since his girlfriend Terese Willis dumped him and promptly got together with his dad Paul Robinson.

He's also in big trouble after trying to throw the giant heart at Paul and Terese on Valentine's Day but accidentally hitting local Vera Punt, who has decided to sue!

Leo finds there’s no amount of partying that can undo his love and loss over Terese. Getting drunk in the middle of the day, Leo stumbles over to Ramsay Street and up the driveway to Terese’s place and lets his emotions loose – shouting out his hurt and anger for all the neighbours to hear!

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Bea Nilsson remains convinced Mel Lohan is behind the recent attempts to ruin business at the garage, as part of a bigger plan to convince owner Lucas Fitzgerald to sell the premises to the new Robinson Pines property development.

So when angry Bea confronts Mel, in front of her girlfriend Chloe Brennan, over Mel's whereabouts on the night of the garage fire, which almost killed Bea, will secret arsonist Mel manage to talk her way out of trouble?

And it's Girl Power on Ramsay Street, when Sonya Rebecchi discovers her young daughter Nell has been told by a boy in her class she'll never achieve certain things in life because she's a girl.

So Sonya teams up with friends and neighbours including Terese Willis, Amy Williams, Yashvi Rebecchi and Bea Nilsson to share a message of female empowerment!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5