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Neighbours spoilers: Will SHOCK news ruin Xanthe Canning's future?

Neighbours, Xanthe Canning

Xanthe is excited at the thought of pursuing her dream of studying medicine at university. But will some unexpected news burst her bubble?

Xanthe Canning was super-excited when she received her end-of-year exam results and discovered she has good enough grades to go to university where she plans to study medicine.

However, the student's bubble is burst when she finds out her grades aren't high enough for a place at the nearby university in Melbourne. Instead she must consider leaving her friends and family behind to study miles away at Toowoomba.

But as Xanthe starts to calculate the cost of leaving home and moving miles away, she starts to fear her dreams of pursuing medicine are over...

Meanwhile, Terese Willis is heartbroken after catching her just ex-boyfriend Leo Tanaka in the arms of his old flame from Sydney, Delaney Renshaw.

Unaware that devious Delaney is blackmailing Leo and is behind the couple's break-up, will the normally feisty Terese admit surrender and give up without fighting for her man?

Faced with his own threats from Delaney, Leo's dad Paul Robinson is working overtime trying to dig up some dirt on the troublemaker and send her packing from Erinsborough. But what will he find?

Neighbours, Elly Conway, Chloe Brennan

Chloe has got the hots for her future sister-in-law Elly (Picture: Channel 5)

And despite Chloe Brennan's continued heartbreak over her secret feelings for friend Elly Conway, Chloe offers to help Elly plan her forthcoming wedding to Chloe's big brother Mark. But by getting so involved in the couple's big day, is Chloe just setting herself up for more tears and trauma?

Neighbours continues on Monday at 11:20am and 5:15pm on Channel 5