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Neighbours spoilers: Susan and Kirsha are missing!

Will the pair make their way out of the bush?

The rest of the camp group is unaware that Kirsha and Susan are missing. Meanwhile, Yashvi feels terrible for not listening to Kirsha when she needed her most. As Yashvi continues to feel guilty, she realises Kirsha and Susan are nowhere to be found. Along with Xanthe, she alerts the rest of the group to their disappearance...

Back in Ramsay Street, the word starts to spread that Kirsha and Susan are missing. Shane goes off to help with the search. Karl also wants to join, but Toadie tells him that he's too ill and he should stay at home. Will Karl take Toadie's advice?

Also, Elly is conflicted over Liam's request to discuss the possibility of Jimmy living in New York with him. Will Elly talk to Jimmy and, if she does, how will Amy react?