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Neighbours spoilers: WHO does Andrea Somers catch her mum Heather with?

Neighbours, Andrea Somers

Is Andrea's wicked mum Heather working with her... or against her? Andrea is about to find out when she makes a SURPRISE discovery!

Andrea Somers will do whatever it takes to get back in Toadie Rebecchi's good books so she can play happy families with him and their baby son, Hugo again.

So far, Andrea's plan seems to be working as the conwoman gets closer to Toadie and Hugo. She has successfully managed to throw legal eagle Toadie off the scent of continuing the search for his first wife Dee, who may not be dead at all!

However, Andrea hasn't counted on her mischevious mum Heather Schilling working AGAINST her...

Heather has secretly made contact with Ian Packer, Andrea's sort-of lover and the man who has gone along with her plan to fool Toadie over the mysterious Karen, who might also be Dee.

So how will Andrea react when she returns home to nearby Geelong and finds Heather at home "entertaining" Ian... in bed?

Neighbours, Heather Schilling, Andrea Somers, Ian Packer

Andrea catches Heather and Ian together! (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Toadie is furious after discovering his family relative Dipi Rebecchi has been continuing the search for Karen/Dee behind his back. However both Dipi and neighbour Sheila Canning remain suspicious about Andrea's true motives.

Elsewhere, Ned Willis is relieved when he gets community service rather than a prison sentence for the part he played in the poison gas horror at the Community Centre.

But Ned's first day of community service gets off to a bad start when he comes face-to-face with hated love rival Finn Kelly, who has agreed to teach some adult education classes as part of the Sonya Foundation.

Will Ned be able to keep his cool when he sees ex-girlfriend Bea Nilsson going out of her way to support Finn through his first-day nerves?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5