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Neighbours spoilers: Why is Cassius Grady spooked by Sheila's house?

Neighbours - Piper Willis and Cassius Grady

Piper is puzzled by her boyfriend Cassius's reluctance to move into the Canning house. But she's unaware he's having spooky flashbacks about No.26...

Piper's boyfriend Cassius has already turned down an offer to become Sheila's new lodger at No.26. And now he's becoming uncomfortable visiting the house to help Sheila's granddaughter Xanthe's rehab.

When Piper wonders what's going on, Cassius quickly covers by claiming he feels awkward because of the crush Xanthe had on him. But Piper is unaware that the gardener has had a spooky flashback while in the Canning backyard. Does the gardener have a mystery connection to the house?

Elly tries to make things right with Bea, after sticking her nose in over Bea's dyslexia. But stressed-out over the way things are between her and Elly, Bea has insomnia and decides to go for a late-night run. Things take a creepy turn, however, when she senses somebody is following her! Could it be her twisted former fiance Finn?

Elsewhere, Shane discovers his daughter Kirsha is being blackmailed by racist Marisa, and decides to confront the girl, which could prove a big mistake...

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5