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Niamh tells Al she's leaving

(Image credit: BBC)

Having made it to the clinic in Basel, Niamh and Ben are overjoyed to learn that Harry is well enough to begin the procedure. Niamh decides to return home and tells Sarah where she can find Harry. At The Mill, Anthony tells Niamh to pack up her things and leave but, as she does so, she gets news from Ben that Harry is responding well to the treatment. As she leaves for the plane, Al catches up with her to ask her to stay but Niamh is resolute: she's going home to Ireland.

Jimmi goes to see Anthony to challenge the fact that he didn't follow procedure in sacking Niamh. But he makes no apology and tells Jimmi that if he doesn't feel aligned to this way of working he should explore his other options.

Also, Zara advises a patient, who she suspects to be developing asthma, to make alternative arrangements for the care of his cat.