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Nick and Gail try to stop a vengeful David Platt

Nick and Gail in Coronation Street
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

Gail and Nick are determined to stop David Platt from exacting his revenge in Corrie

Nick tells Robert they’ll have to close for a couple of days. Meanwhile, having found out that Clayton is attending court today, David Platt  waits in his car outside the court. Clayton arrives in a police van, but when David turns the ignition and the engine fails, he breaks down in frustration.

Elsewhere, Gail and Nick know they need to act fast and hatch a risky plan to save David from himself…

When Ken announces that he leaves for his tour of Europe tomorrow, Tracy’s furious while Amy is impressed. An excited Ken is all set for his trip until a familiar face leaves him dumfounded.

Steve has his genetic test, but it’s clear this is just the start of Steve’s difficulties.

Gary confides in Luke, Tyrone and Andy that he fancies Sarah, but she rebuffed him. Can Tyrone persuade him to fight for his girl…