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Will Oliver Valentine survive another op on his brain?

Hanssen tells brain damaged Ollie he’ll NEVER be a doctor again!
(Image credit: BBC)

The medic fears he'll suffer a setback...

Ever since medic Oliver Valentine was left brain damaged after being shot in the head, neurosurgeon Roxanna MacMillan has been working day and night to aid his recovery. This week, however, Ollie suffers a major setback.

Although Roxanna (Hermione Gulliford) felt it too risky to remove the bullet in Ollie’s brain when she first operated, she was able to save his life and has been by Ollie's side as he tries to regain his memory and learn to walk again.

Feeling he's making good progress, this week, Ollie (James Anderson) longs to leave hospital. So he and Roxanna are horrified to learn that the bullet in his brain is starting to leak poison. Without surgery to remove it, he'll die.

Fearing he'll be left paralysed, Ollie refuses to be operated on again. As Roxanna insists, Ollie declares she's become 'obsessed' with saving him because she couldn't save her own husband! Later, Ollie reluctantly agrees to surgery. As Roxanna takes him into theatre, will Ollie suffer any lasting damage?

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