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Olivia has a dark secret...

VJ gives Hunter the cold shoulder over Olivia, so Hunter promises to stay away from her. When Olivia flirts with Hunter at The Diner, he's clearly not interested and encourages her to spend time with VJ. Olivia confronts VJ and makes it clear she was never interested in him. Upset, we see a glimpse of Olivia's self-harming habit.

John and Irene race upstairs to Charlotte's apartment and find her shaken after having a brick thrown through her window. Kat questions Charlotte, but she remains tight-lipped. Irene tells Hunter about Charlotte's attack, so he pays her visit. Touched, she asks him to come back home, but he refuses.

Charlotte and Kyle get closer and it's clear he thinks Brax is dead. When Charlotte tells Trystan and he starts getting heavy handed, Kyle sees them together and intervenes. However, is Charlotte's secret about to be revealed as Kyle hears Trsytan calling her a murderer?