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Olivia Richards falls for Tabitha's lies

Olivia Richards in Home and Away

Olivia Richards falls deeper and deeper under Tabitha's spell...

Olivia Richards blasts Hunter for being cruel about her scars, but he has no idea what she’s talking about. Irene comforts Olivia, and says his remarks are out of character, but Tabitha quickly interjects and Olivia falls for her every word.

It’s the morning after for Phoebe and Justin and when Brody realises Phoebe’s sleeping with Justin, he’s livid and calls his brother selfish. When Brody and Justin run into each other, Brody tells him to stay away from Phoebe, as he just hurts people.

Tori tells Chris that while she likes Nate, she isn’t keen to date a cheat. Chris tells Nate and he’s left fuming; however, Chris and Phoebe both bring up his track record leaving him stumped. Nate decides to drown his sorrows and then heads to Tori’s house where he drunkenly pours out his heart.

With Brody’s words ringing in his ears, Justin goes home and packs his bags. Phoebe walks in and wants to know what’s changed, but they are interrupted by Spike, who wants revenge on Justin.