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Open House at Downton!

(Image credit: Nick Briggs)

The house is being opened up to the public for one day to raise funds for the hospital. Robert, who is recuperating in bed, is unhappy at the prospect, as is Carson, but the event gives the whole family pause for thought about the future. Meanwhile, Bertie comes to visit and gives the Crawleys advice about the house opening.

Cora learns that the hospital will be linked with the main hospital in York and she is first choice to be its president and that Violet will be asked to step down, but Violet is livid when she finds out.

Henry meets up with Mary in London and tells her he is growing to love her but Mary is still reticent, while Anna pays another visit to the doctor after she has another health scare with her pregnancy.

After suspicions are raised about Thomas and Andy, Carson confronts Thomas who denies anything untoward but is left in tears and feeling isolated.

As Daisy prepares for her exams, she doesn't seem to want Mrs Patmore to get closer to Mr Mason, and Isobel meets Lord Merton's supportive future daughter-in-law.