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Paige is knocked out in Neighbours!

Paige Smith in Neighbours

Paige is out for the count when she's hit hard in the boxing ring

Paige lends her punching bag to Outreach and is buoyed when both Jack and Dustin react positively. But when she’s confronted with a shirtless Jack sparring with Dustin, she takes out her frustrations by taking Jack’s place in the ring. Concerned for Paige’s safety, Brad interrupts the bout but causes a disaster when Paige is knocked out!

Mark launches an investigation into the attacks on Sonya’s car but Aaron is convinced it’s Clive West and publicly names and shames him in order to track him down, which infuriates Mark. While Mark is no closer to finding a suspect, Toadie worries whether Sonya’s stance on the bike path is worth putting their family in danger.

Mark tells Susan that her comments in the West Waratah Star, might have incited bad behaviour. Susan feels guilty, but when she tries to apologise to Sonya she accuses Susan of not thinking her rash behaviour through. Susan defends herself but Sonya makes it clear this issue is bigger than the both of them and tension remains between the two.