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Phil gets the Arches back!

(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Max feels forced to sign the Arches and Car Lot over to Phil. He soon realises he's been played by Karin and Phil, who reveal they made everything up! Triumphant, Phil celebrates with the Mitchells at the Vic, delighting in winding up Max. Storming off to see Abi, Max is furious when she makes it clear her loyalties lie with Ben and the Mitchells.

Kat tries to be supportive when Alfie announces his latest scheme to prove to Ian he's the right man to manage Beales. Distracted, Kat heads to The Vic with a bottle of wine. While Alfie's attempt to impress Ian seems to be working, a drunk Kat gets thrown out of the Vic. Opening up to Max about the letter leads to Kat and Max passionately kissing. Upset, Kat runs home, breaking down in Alfie's arms.

Whitney tries to play matchmaker between Stacey and Martin. Although at first uninterested, Stacey changes her mind when she sees how kind Martin is, as he helps a drunk Kat and arranges to go drinking with him. Meanwhile, in The Vic flat Whitney and Lee find a stash of cash in Stan's chair.

Also, Aunt Babe pays off the boy she asked to put the brick through Blades' window.