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EastEnders Spoilers: Phil Mitchell caught with mystery woman by Sharon!

EastEnders Spoilers: Phil Mitchell caught with mystery woman by Sharon!
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Sharon Mitchell and Phil Mitchell are still at odds but Sharon’s shocked when she finds another woman in the house - has Phil really stooped so low?

Phil is still furious with Sharon over the missing heist money. Sharon’s determined to put the events around the heist behind them but things continue to be tense. When Sharon meets up with Michelle, she admits that she and Phil have fallen out. Michelle is concerned but Sharon avoids giving Michelle the details. Later, Sharon is horrified when she arrives home to find a mysterious young woman in the house… What’s Phil been up to!

Keegan dodges school to see his dad. He tries to talk Mitch into taking him out for the day. Mitch, however, gets concerned about Keegan’s problems at school after he finds out how many times Keegan has been in trouble. Determined to sort things out for his son, Mitch invites Mrs Lund round so Keegan can apologise to her. Things are smoothed over between Keegan and Mrs Lund, but the same can’t be said for Karen, who is angry to find Mitch with Keegan. Can Mitch talk her round?

Kat and the Slater family are frustrated when they get hassled after the events of the previous week. With Mo at the centre of all the trouble, things don’t let up as she’s still up to no good and digs the family into an even deeper hole!

Also, Tiff talks Bernie into missing a chess session with Ted, who is left fuming when he finds Bernie and Tiff giggling over drinks in the café.