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Phoebe has her ultrasound

Kat offers to accompany Phoebe to her ultrasound scan and the ladies are overcome with emotion when they hear the baby's heartbeat. Afterwards, Phoebe heads to Kyle's hospital room and they watch a DVD of the scan. The ex-lovers hold hands as they watch the film... and then Ash walks in.

Ricky confesses to Denny that there may be more than friendship to her relationship with Nate. Later, Kat bumps into Denny who inadvertently raises Kat's fears about Nate and Ricky.

James is determined to get to the bottom of how Kyle contracted sepsis when Nate admits he treated Kyle while off duty. Ricky desperately tries to defend Nate's actions but it's too late: James says he'll be reporting Nate to the medical board!

Later, Nate tells Kat he may lose his job. As the pair are talking, hospital buzzers go off as Kyle has had an allergic reaction to the dialysis. With his health fading, Kyle desperately needs a kidney transplant.