Photos That Changed the World - History

Proving that a picture can be worth even more than a thousand words, Photos That Changed the World looks at the images that really made a difference

Photos That Changed the World is the History documentary series telling the story behind iconic photos, beginning with the Iranian Embassy siege in May 1980 (Monday, 10pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

SAS man on balcony of Iranian embassy

The moment when the SAS go in

As well as archive footage, the events of the six-day siege are re-told by two of the men at the heart of the action – former police negotiator Max Vernon and ex-SAS soldier Rusty Firmin.

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In one extraordinary moment Max reveals that in an attempt to identify who the terrorists were he walked up to the front door with a carton of cigarettes so police photographers could snap whoever opened the door.

The siege was also caught on camera by the world’s media, showing for the first time on live TV the bravery of the SAS as they stormed the building following the shooting of one of the hostages.

In the second of a double bill, the focus is on May 1980 and the balcony kiss between Prince Charles and Diana Spencer after their wedding in July 1981. Can we really read something portentous from their body language that day?

TV Times rating: ****