Pill addicted Big Mac sets a trap… for himself!

(Image credit: BBC)

Big Mac behaves bizarrely following Charlie's shock suspension from duty last week! With Charlie continuing to cover-up Mac's thieving and pill addiction, Mac goes about his business as normal. But when Mac's best pal Noel confronts him about Charlie's suspension and his part in it, Big Mac retreats so far into denial he begins to believe his own lies. Determined to convince Noel he's not the pill thief and hasn't let Charlie take the blame, Mac hides a secret camera in the staff room and sets up a trap for the 'real' thief.

Fortunately, Mac has a serious reality check before he crosses a new, disturbing line. After he helps a vulnerable teenage patient, Mac comes clean to nurse manager Rita... then resigns. Friends and co-workers give Mac a hero's send off, realising he's acted bravely in owning up and that they've lost a valuable member of the ED. Mac rides off on his motorbike, determined to kick his habit and do some travelling. But, before leaving, he gives Noel a new Batman figurine and makes a heartfelt apology to Charlie in front of his Narcotics Anonymous group.

Elsewhere, Elle is ED enemy number one since reporting Charlie to Connie. Dylan makes a suggestion on how she can redeem herself, but everyone else gives her the cold shoulder.

Also this week, Robyn looks forward to seeing Glen at the lunchtime Mortality Café session. They share a passionate kiss over cake, but Robyn runs off embarrassed and worried that Glen is still grieving for his wife…

Meanwhile, Rita discovers from the police her tyres weren't slashed by her ex-husband Mark. At first she avoids telling Iain the truth – but enjoying his protectiveness and lavish attention she later lies and tells him Mark’s to blame!

And the infamous Holby fridge thief strikes again! Fortunately, Big Mac's camera uncovers the culprit… new paramedic Jez is left in disgrace!

Elaine Reilly
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