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Holiday park owner (Larry Lamb) finds his peace and quiet well and truly shattered when his daughter moves back home

Holiday park owner Frank (Larry Lamb) finds his peace and quiet well and truly shattered when his daughter moves back home in new comedy, Pitching In

Gavin & Stacey’s Larry Lamb stars in Pitching In, a new warm-hearted comedy drama, which has already been on in Wales.

He plays Frank Hardcastle who’s still struggling with the loss of his wife 18 months ago and with running their caravan park, Daffodil Dunes, in Anglesey, North Wales on his own.

Although Frank’s surrounded by friends including Stip (Garry Robson) and his wife Kitty (Melanie Walters, who was also in Gavin & Stacey), he decides it’s time to sell Daffodil Dunes.

Then his daughter Carys (Caroline Sheen) turns up unexpectedly with her moody teenage son and suggests that she takes over managing the business even though she and Frank haven’t always seen eye to eye….

Continues until Friday.

TV Times rating: ***

Here, Larry, 71, tells us why he couldn’t resist returning to Wales…

Pitching In

Melanie Walters and Garry Robson as Kitty and Stip

Is it nice to be working with your old co-star Melanie again?

Being part of Gavin & Stacey was a very significant time in both our careers, so it was lovely to see her again.

It’s always great to see old faces when you turn up on a job.

Being an actor is kind of a family thing – you can’t go far without running into people again.

What’s Frank’s relationship with Kitty?

Kitty is the wife of a very good friend of Frank’s. She was extremely close to his late wife Bronwen, so she and her husband Stip [Garry Robson] tend to look after Frank in his loneliness.

It’s been over a year since he lost his wife and he is still very much bereaved.

He’s trying to carry on with the business but not managing very well at times.

So he’s planning to sell up…

He’s in a bit of a dilemma.

He gets an offer for the caravan park, Daffodil Dunes, then his daughter Carys comes back on the scene and wants to get involved in the business.

She grew up there, so Daffodil Dunes is part of her life, too.

They have a loving relationship but it’s not all sweetness and light, and he’s agonising over the right thing to do – for him and for his family.

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