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Rakesh has the DNA results!

Still reeling in horror from Adam’s betrayal with Vanessa, Victoria refuses to talk to him and chucks his stuff at him! Rakesh’s rage is also running high. Unable to get through to Kirin, who is determined to stand by Vanessa if the baby is his rather than Adam’s, Rakesh decides he’ll talk to the vet himself. As he’s asking Leyla for her number, he spies the DNA results letter and swipes it! When he gets home, he’s horrified to see that Kirin is the father. But, in a bid to stop his young son becoming a dad too soon, lawyer Rakesh doctors the letter to make it read ‘Adam Barton’ instead…

Leyla breathes a sigh of relief as she gets rid of Carly so Jai can leave undetected! But while she deeply regrets their night of passion, Jai isn’t about to listen and later returns to tell her she’s all he can think about. As soon as he’s got custody of Archie he’s going to leave Megan so they can be together.

Bernice has got in a right tangle with her fake boyfriend so Kerry comes up with a way to kill him off!