Rich Hall's Working for the American Dream - BBC4

Rich Hall in America

Comedian Rich Hall explores the ethos of the American Dream in an entertaining one-off documentary for BBC4

Comedian Rich Hall presents a rip-roaring ride through American history – from the first pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620 to the Trump-supporting mobile phone addicts of the modern day.

He asks what the American dream has meant at different times in history and how it has shaped the so-called land of opportunity?


Rich Hall's Working for the American Dream

Rich Hall explores the American Dream

The dream is based on a simple philosophy – ‘put in a little elbow grease and your efforts will be rewarded,’ explains Rich.

But how does that work for the factory worker toiling 70 hours a week but who still doesn’t earn enough to feed their family?

It’s a flawed concept, but an enduring one deep in the American psyche.


TV Times rating: ****

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